12 November 2009

returning. again.

After two years of absence from my most beloved place on earth, I will be returning to Paarl, South Africa on Saturday for two weeks! Not sure how much I'll be blogging as I plan on spending every waking moment with my dear friends, but I will be sure to share when I return. 

What I'm most looking forward to:
  • Holding precious Yonda, the daughter of my dear friend Andiswe (both picture here), and speaking to her in English for the first time
  • Sunday mornings (and afternoons) at Harvest Church
  • Relearning Xhosa with Luba
  • Orange sunsets in the township
  • Hearing Kathleen's "baaei lekker" when I surprise her with me visit
  • Lots and lots of Rooibos tea!
  • Attempting to cook an American Thanksgiving with South Africa ingredients 
  • Causing a ruckus with Joey, Sammy & Luba 
  • Hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town

Hope for an education

After spending time teaching in South Africa schools, I can say this NY Times article paints a beautiful and genuine picture of South Africa's schoolchildren. And after five months of working in education policy, I'm forever convinced that our systems of education need to be fundamentally restructured before we can tout the promise of the education.

30 December 2007


An article I wrote about my friend's struggle with AIDS and the battle to obtain ARVs has now been published by my university's newspaper. See the below link to read the pdf version.


peace & joy in 2008.